Summer Heat

It was deep into summer, certainly closer to fall I suppose. The hot, sticky end of the season when everyone is starting to get sick of being sweaty every time they’re outside. I was at the park, sitting in my annoying plastic folding chair that my thighs would stick to every damn time, but I … Continue reading Summer Heat

The Phone Call

I licked my lips and moaned, “Oh yeah, that sounds really hot, baby. I wish I could touch you and wrap my arms around you. I want to feel your body pressed so close to mine that I can feel your heartbeat. Mmmmmmm” “I want that too. What are you wearing?” he asked, his anticipation … Continue reading The Phone Call

Basil & Herb

So back when I first graduated from college, I moved in with these two brothers for a time. Their dad was a Chef and their mother was a hippie type who loved her garden. She had a greenhouse she’d build out of windows from abandoned houses and shelving from reclaimed wood. It actually looked pretty … Continue reading Basil & Herb