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I Do: Soul Mate (Part Two)



Today’s freewrite was a three prompt weekend freewrite thanks to @mariannewest and I managed to carry on the story from yesterday with a whirlwind wedding and a gassy preacher 🙂

I had barely stepped out of the church when I felt the first drop on my head. I looked up at the dark clouds overhead and yet nothing could dim the smile that lit up my face. You grabbed my hand and said, “Shall we run for it?” and without answering, I took off running with you close behind.

We were both slightly out of breath and soaked to the skin by the time we reached the car, but we were laughing together.

I think we were both feeling a bit giddy and wild from our impulsiveness. One night together and we had decided to elope. Who does that???

You opened my door for me and I slid inside, not worried about being wet and chilly. I knew we’d reach our hotel soon. I looked at the ring sparkling on my finger and just stared, wide eyed.

When you got in the car, you again took my hand and squeezed my fingers, “No regrets?” You asked.

I smiled, “Not even one!” I replied. Our eyes locked and that still, solid connection was still there. That invisible link between us, pulling us together, it felt like it would never dim. My heartbeat fluttered in my chest as I realized that it was done. It was real. We’d gotten married. Promised ourselves to each other and I knew that you felt as solidly committed as I did. We were wild, crazy and totally in love.

We waved to our friends who had come to support us (and probably call us crazy behind our backs!) as we drove by the front of the tiny church. It had been a bit of a challenge to find someone to marry us on such short notice, but the drunken preacher of that small congregation, well, let’s just say that I owe my friend Lori a big tip for strongly hinting that he might be amenable to a nice bottle of rum as a bribe!

Some people can eat beans with abandon and never suffer side effects, but unfortunately for our ceremony, the preacher wasn’t one of them. If only he’d just stuck with the rum, we could have just had an inebriated service. Instead, we had a wedding full of farts and giggles. Snickers with the “I Do” and outright guffaws as the preacher tried mightily to pretend that he wasn’t gassing us all out with his explosive farts.

“I now pronounce…” FARRRRRT! “Ahem! I now pronounce,” FARTTTT! “I mean, I now pronounce you…” FARRRRRT!!! “Oh dear” toot “You’re MARRIED! GO!” and the preacher had turned and fled through a door at the back of the stage. Our friends had practically been rolling in the aisles by that point and although you and I had held together admirably throughout the service, the last ditch effort to escape had been too much.

We couldn’t even seal it with a kiss, we were laughing far too hard.

Maybe some people think things like that are bad luck, but what a better way to start a marriage? Laughing so hard that we can barely speak coherently, that is the perfect way to start a marriage. We had laughed together with our friends until suddenly you sobered up and looked at me with that look in your eyes.

You’d pulled me close, touched your forehead to mine and said, “Your laugh is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard in my life. I look forward to making you happy for the rest of our lives.” And then you kissed me so thoroughly that we nearly heated up the entire sanctuary.

Now here we were, on our way to our honeymoon and then onto our lives together. We weren’t completely sure how everything would work yet. Your mother had been very happy for us, even though she’d been serious with her advice and said, “Remember, not all is sweet like honey, there will be bitter times as well. Just always hang onto the sweet as long as you can and it will hold you over through the bitter times.”

She’s hugged me with tears in her eyes, clutching my hand in both of hers, pulling me close, “Thank you for making my son so happy. I’ve been waiting for this day.” She knew we’d only just met in person, but it didn’t matter a whit to her. She said that she knew her son and she could tell that we were right for each other. She’d wheeled her chair to the door of her room, shooing us along. She refused to come to the ceremony saying that no one needed to have an old woman to worry about.

The way that you comforted her and tried to convince her to come along warmed my heart. I loved how much you two connected and I was so proud that she approved of me.

The butterflies in my stomach took off as we neared the hotel. Of course I’d insisted on waiting until our wedding night before we consumated things. That wasn’t terribly difficult, of course, when we’d only had to wait 48 hours.

You put the car in park and I felt a heat wash over me as your eyes met mine, my excitement and nerves feeling somewhat overwhelming. Your grin lit up your face and you waggled your eyebrows at me, easing the tension with your humor once again.

Jumping out of the car, you opened my door and scooped me up in your arms, heading for the door to our suite, carrying me over the threshold and into our new life together.

To be continued tomorrow, if I can remember what that first time sex is like well enough! 😉

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