The warmth of the sun streamed through the window, leaving a streak of brightness across her already milky white skin. He held his breath as he watched her slowly removing her stockings, sliding them with agonizing slowness down her thigh. Her hands were steady as his were shaking, imagining what she would feel like, remembering the smooth silk of her skin under his fingers.

She looked up at him and smiled, loving the effect she was having on him. She drew his eyes upward, motioning with her fingers, beckoning him to come closer.

He took a step and reached for her, lightly running his finger across her lips, down to her chin where he pulled her gently forward for a kiss. He let his hands skim across her shoulders, leaning into her perfection. He pulled her closer, his hands wrapping themselves around her waist as he felt her body settle against his.

She fit so well, the heat of him pressing up against her, the rough denim of his jeans against the wonderful softness of her. He felt her shiver lightly as goosebumps crept down her arms, chasing his fingers as he explored and tantalized her with his touch. The heat of him resonating through his fingers to her skin. She could feel his very being urgently searching for the depth of her.

They melted together in this hot embrace, her hands seeking the button on his jeans. Needing more, her hands fumbling
a bit with her excitement as she drew the zipper down.

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