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Fun in the Elevator (Erotica)


My boyfriend wiggled his eyebrows at me from across the room as I tried to keep a straight face. I was listening to Marcia drone on and on about her new amazing find in the board game world and I thought I would fall asleep for sure.

He wiggled his eyebrows again and pointed to his imaginary wristwatch with a question in his eyes. I tried to be somewhat discreet and nodded back at him all the while thinking of how I could disentangle myself from this conversation. Marcia didn’t even seem to notice that my attention was elsewhere, so I finally just said, “Oh! Look at the time! I have to go, unfortunately.”

Before she could say much, I was hugging her with that polite ‘bye, see you later’ kind of hug and then headed for the door. My man was there waiting with my coat. He knew me so well.

We stepped outside of the apartment door, leaned back on it and both let out a big sigh. The party was pretty much required for our jobs, but those people were really not our types. We were ready to get out and enjoy a rare night off from school and work.

Max let his hand slide across my waist and then down into the waistband of my pants as we made our way to the elevator. I was feeling pretty damn hot for him, the man had been teasing me via text all day long.

To be fair, I may have been sending him sexy pics and texts right back.

The elevator doors opened and I almost groaned when I saw an old couple standing inside. I had kind of been planning to throw Max against the wall of the small little metal room and really get him going. We excused ourselves and stood back in the corner of the elevator, all of us looking politely straight forward like you’re supposed to do. I felt Max’s hand slide down the back of my pants again. I knew that once he’d noticed that I wasn’t wearing any underwear that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself. I smiled and stepped so that I was mostly blocking him from the couple in front of us and reached back, unbuttoning the top button of his jeans. He was already so hard that he was barely contained in the jeans. He groaned as I wrapped my hand around him and then tried to cover it with a cough.

I was stroking him inside of his jeans and he reached his hand around the front of me, up my shirt and started playing with my nipples under my shirt. I let out a sigh and leaned my head back on his shoulder, my eyes mostly closed and definitely not focused on anything other than the feel of his cock in my hand and the sensations he was sending through my body.

The elevator dinged lightly as we passed each floor until we neared the bottom, the couple in front of us standing stock still, not moving or looking back at all. I had Max worked up to the point of exploding (it’s not like I hadn’t done this kind of thing before and I knew exactly what he liked, and doing it in a place where we might be caught was a big turn on for us both.)

The elevator got closer, my motions became more intense. I could hear him panting softly in my ear, his breath catching as he tried to contain himself, his hands under my shirt, grasping, squeezing, pulling me back into him.
I felt it start to happen just as we hit the 3rd floor.

Then the second.

He twitched in my hand and suddenly came with a loud groan, not even trying to hide it this time. I felt the wetness on my back where my shirt was lifted up.

First floor. The elevator dinged one last time and the doors opened. The man and the woman in front of us started to step out when the woman turned around, a twinkle in her eye, “Well, now. That’s the first time that’s happened in an elevator in a long time.” The old woman actually winked at us, “You may have inspired me to give it a go again someday soon.” Her grin grew as she whispered loudly, gesturing to the man exiting the elevator before her, “Won’t he be surprised when I do?” She left, laughing to herself, taking the older man’s hand and walking towards the front door.

Max was trying to button his jeans and I just grabbed his hand and pulled him out the doors. It was time to get out to the car and find a place to park so I could have My turn!

The End

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