Virtual Fantasy (Erotica)

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Reader’s Discretion Advised: Erotica, Sex, Adult Themes

“We guarantee full satisfaction,” she said with a smile. I wrapped the flimsy disposable gown around myself as best I could, although I still felt mostly naked and started walking. I followed close behind her, but not so close that I couldn’t admire the view as she walked ahead of me. Her ass was barely covered by the short skirt she wore and my eyes were glued to the sway of her hips as she led me to the back room. I was so hyper focused that I nearly ran into her when she stopped at a set of double doors. “Are you ready, Miss?” She asked.

I swallowed hard. I wanted this. I had planned for this for a long time and now it was my chance. I took a deep breath and nodded. It was time to fulfill my fantasies.

She opened the door and I saw a small room filled with machines and contraptions. There was a chair that almost looked like a dentist’s office chair in the middle of the room, wires and buttons were everywhere. A bank of high tech looking computers lines one wall. The guide walked inside and motioned me to the chair. “Have a seat here if you wish, the aides will be in shortly to get you set up.”

I tentatively sat on the edge of the chair and took more steadying breaths. I couldn’t believe I was here. I had saved up for well over a year for this experience. I hoped it lived up to the hype. I had wanted to try the virtual fantasy simulator for years, but there were so many kinks to work out in the beginning. Too many people came out of it with brain damage or mental issues that haunted them for years. It was more terrifying than the experimental lobotomies of the old days.

The doors slid open and two men walked in. They were dressed in simple scrubs and looked harmless enough. The first guy stepped up and introduced himself, “Hello. Welcome to Fantasy Island.” I tried my hardest not to smirk. For such a high tech place, the fact that they seriously named it after an ancient TV show really made me laugh. I couldn’t believe he could even say it with a straight face.

I must have failed at keeping my feelings hidden, because the other guy smirked as well and whispered, “It’s not just you! It’s difficult to keep a straight face, but we’re not supposed to comment on it!” He came around to the other side of my chair, “Here, sit back and we’ll get started.” He strapped my arm down. I felt a needle poke my skin and I was out before I could form another coherent thought.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up with a blinding flash of pain in my head. The smell of smoke was thick in the air. “Shit!” I yelled. I tried to sit up, but with all of the wires and shit attached to me, I could barely move. I yanked at the cords, tearing the sticky pads form my bare skin, the needle ripping from my skin. I rushed toward the back room, stumbling down a step and grabbing at the wall to steady myself. The smell of smoke was still heavy in the air and I started coughing. Of COURSE this fucking place catches on fire the day that I finally get in to live out my fantasies. Shit.

They’d best give me my money back.

I stumbled down a weird circular stairway, holding the walls in the darkness to help guide me down the steps. There was a flashing red light breaking through the smoke and I followed it, assuming that it was an exit sign.
I burst through the door under the light and came into a perfectly normal looking room.

No smoke, no blaring noise from the alarms and no flashing red light. “What the fuck is this?” I said.

“Calm down, woman. Damn.” A man stood up across the room, “You can’t just walk into someone’s room and act like that.” I noticed his friends starting to stand as he came towards me.

“I’m sorry, I was just shocked,” I said, looking back at the door in confusion. It just looked like a normal house door. Where on earth was I?

I turned back and the guy was like two inches from my face. He reached out and touched my jaw. “It’ll be just fine, but it’s really not ladylike to curse like that. I think you need to be taught a lesson.”

I let out a most unladylike snort, “Yeah, well hold your fucking horses if you think that’s shocking. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

I felt a pain in my jaw as he jerked me to him. I slammed against his chest, “I think you’re in for a rude awakening, little woman.” His arm went around me and felt like a vise grip.

This isn’t my fantasy!’ I thought. Then my brain kind of glitched out a bit as the guy’s mouth met mine. I felt his hands on my waist, pulling me to him, grabbing my ass and pressing my body against his. I realized that I had clothes on again and thought that was odd for a second, until I calmed. This WAS my fantasy world. I kind of relaxed at that moment. I don’t know what the whole smoke/fire thing was, but I could take some of this hot guy with his hands all over me.

I hoped that the whole ‘mind reading fantasy’ computer got things right. I wanted a lot of sex for what I was paying and I wanted it rough and hard. I put my arms around the guy’s neck and kissed him back for all I was worth.

He grabbed my legs and put them around his waist, carrying me over to the couch by his friends. I smiled into his mouth as I felt someone else’s hands on my arm, pulling me away from couch-guy as he sat down. Guy #2 turned me around and literally ripped the shirt from my body, grabbing a hold of my tits to pull me to him. Someone else’s hands were on my skirt, yanking it down to my ankles.

The guy suddenly whipped me back around and bent me over the couch. I felt a thong being ripped off of me and fingers pressing inside of me. “Ooh, damn, you’re already wet. Just what I wanted!” and a cock thrust into me so hard and fast that I cried out from the pressure. An orgasm hit me so suddenly and so hard that I was gasping for air. I couldn’t even scream out with the pleasure of it because the waves were so in-fucking-tense as the guy pounded into me, my hips hitting the couch so hard that I felt the couch move under me.

Another guy was in front of me, his cock out and my mouth was ready. I took him in deep while the other guy kept at it from behind. There were more hands now, pinching my nipples, hair caressing my back, breasts pressing against my side. I was in total, utter bliss.

We fucked hard in every possible configuration I could imagine, for what felt like hours, all four of us ending up on the bed. I looked at the two guys in bed with us. Me and this other woman were a sweaty, hot mess. I smiled at her over the guy’s sleeping form. She nestled closer to him and I reached out and took her hand. This whole fantasy-virtual thing felt pretty fucking real. I was not looking forward to waking up again and going back to real life. I wondered what it would take to just live here forever.

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