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That Alien Feeling (erotica)

Deep green sparks fell in the afternoon light, but Hanna found herself more concerned with the man who no longer needed crutches. Her head felt like it was stuffed with cotton and her tongue felt like it was too big for her mouth. She watched the man walking around the too bright room without even a slight problem and tried to remember why she thought he needed crutches.

She looked around the odd room, bright, white and seamless. She was sitting in the middle of an empty room, watching the man walk past and suddenly it hit her.

She had went to the bar after yet another stressful day at work to unwind. She’d only had a couple of drinks when she started to feel funny. Not wanting anyone to see her acting the fool, she’d grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

By the time she stepped onto the street, she felt like she was trying to walk through molasses. Stumbling slightly, she righted herself and started moving. There was a man ahead, awkwardly fumbling on his crutches. Hanna became so focused on him that she felt like she should help him. The last thing she remembered was touching his shoulder to ask if he needed help.

He had turned around and then — Nothing.

The next thing she knew, she was waking up in this sterile feeling room and the man was just fine without his crutches.

“What the HELL is going on?” She yelled. Or tried to yell. Her voice had felt rusty, like she hadn’t spoken aloud in ages and her words came out in a croak. The man with no crutches turned towards her and she shrank in her seat.

Something was horribly wrong. His eyes, they were big, round and black. He didn’t quite look human. A garbled shriek came from deep inside of her as she looked at him again. She blinked and he was gone. Just like that.

Hanna clutched the sides of the chair she was on and tried to lift herself from the seat. She couldn’t move. She started to panic.

“Imagine yourself over the top of your home.” Hanna moved her head from side to side, trying to find the source of the words. She saw no one. “Imagine you’re floating in pure pleasure.”

She tried once again to lift herself from the chair, but her hands felt like they were restrained. Looking down, she saw her hands just resting on the arms of the seat where she sat. There was nothing holding her back, and yet she could feel something holding her down.

She felt a whisper of something pass over her and felt her body fill with heat. She felt an aching between her legs and clenched her thighs together. Another wave of pleasure, of warmth and pure sensation flooded through her body. A moan escaped her mouth and she looked about, embarrassed.

Once again, she looked down at herself as her body felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her. She still couldn’t lift her hands or move anything other than her head. She felt hands touching her face, felt lips press against hers, but there was no one there. Her body was responding to the touch she couldn’t see.

She felt a finger trail down her neck, across her collar bone. Watched goosebumps prickle across her skin as she felt the invisible touch slide down between her breasts. The top button of her blouse popped open, then the next and the next. Soon her blouse was open and she felt hands on her, touching, caressing and still there was nothing to see.

Her body writhed from the pleasure of it. She ached for more. “What is happening?” she cried out to the seemingly empty room. She felt her legs being pressed apart and she was desperate for more. Her back arched away from the table and she looked down to realize that she was completely naked.

She felt something between her legs, soothing the throbbing ache that was just begging for release. The gentle touch slid along her body, sliding inside of her and somehow still touching her everywhere, bringing her to the peak of pleasure before pulling away until she was begging for it.

“Please, please! More!” She cried out with her tired, raspy voice, desperate for relief from the intensity of the pleasure. She felt something slip deep inside of her and felt it start to pulse as it grew bigger and bigger.

A loud moan escaped her mouth, breaking into cries of release as the thing inside her grew to nearly painful proportions. She screamed with the pain and pleasure of it. Her screams echoing against the walls, bouncing back into her head. Her eyes shut, she moaned and cried out, “YES! MORE! YES!”

The waves of pleasure stopped abruptly. She felt a sweat break out over her body. She heard voices and felt a chill seep through her. “Hanna? Are you awake? Can you talk to us yet?”

Hanna opened her eyes. She was in her room. In her own bed. “What? What happened? Was I dreaming?” She felt a flush of embarrassment. Had she been moaning loud enough that her roommate heard her?

“We don’t know. Hanna, you left the work last week and disappeared. You’ve been gone for over a WEEK! We’ve been frantic. Your parents have been here. The police were here. There was no sign of you and now you just show up? We asked your boss where you were,  but when I called to check in with him a couple of months ago, he told me you left work and were going out for drinks. That’s the last time anyone heard from you!”

Hanna sat up. She was definitely back in her old room. Her roommates and best friends were standing around her bed looking like they’d seen a ghost.

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