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Knots (Weekend Freewrite)

He was anxious for everyone to go to bed. He washed his hands and cleaned his knife. The party had been great, but now he was ready for quiet time, or maybe not so quiet time in his dungeon. He looked over his knife one last time. ‘Yep,’ He thought, ‘it is perfect and ready to go.’ He slid is soundlessly into the sheath on his belt and headed for the back of the house to get his submissive.

His tension eased as he walked through the now quiet house. The party goers were all in their rooms, settling in for the night. He could hear the sounds of passion, of pain muffled behind a few of the doors, but that was fairly normal after a big play party like this. He knew from experience that some of his guests would play so late in their own private rooms that he wouldn’t see them until late the next afternoon. That was just fine with him. He wanted to take his time and play himself. His favorite time to play was when the adrenaline from watching all of the others at the party was still pulsating through his body. He knew his sub Karen would be anxious to get started herself. She wasn’t allowed to play during the party, but she could watch and point out anything she wanted to try.

Tonight she had been exceptionally taken with a new couple that did some knife play and a bondage scene. She had nearly been drooling as she watched the other woman. He knew that she would be sitting on her feet, naked and waiting when he got back to their room. She was always so obedient. He smiled as he opened the door to their play space.

She was standing, looking at the toys hanging on the wall. He stopped, confused for a split second. He was unsure of her motivation for changing that pattern. She was always perfectly obedient and knew that she was to wait for him, sitting on the floor until he came back to play. A frown creased his forehead.

She turned towards him, a look of guilt on her face. She immediately kneeled in front of him, her hands at her sides. “I’m sorry Sir, I was just, I have no excuse. I wanted to look at the toys.”

“You know that you’ve disobeyed me,” he said, sounding incredibly disappointed. He’d been so looking forward to their private playtime. Now he was going to have to punish her instead.

She bowed her head, “I know, Sir. I’m truly sorry. I just feel so different after tonight.”

‘Well, this is new,’ He thought to himself. He said aloud, “What do you mean, different?”

“Well, Sir, watching that woman tonight, all I wanted to do was be the one playing with her. I wanted to be the one tying her up.” She swallowed hard, “I wanted to be the one touching her. I wanted to play. With her. I wanted to be in control.” She still looked down, not moving from her position.

This was a new turn of events. She’d never shown any interest in playing with anyone else. It had actually kind of bothered him that she had no interest in exploring outside of him. He always liked the thought of group play or even a threesome. He felt himself getting hard at the thought of her playing with another woman. Of her being in control.

He watched as she almost wilted before his eyes. She wasn’t looking at him, so she didn’t realize how he was taking her confession. “I feel like I shouldn’t want more. Am I sick?”

“Are you sick?” He replied incredulously. “Of course you’re not sick! I think it’s wonderful that you want to try new things and expand your boundaries!”

She looked at him, hesitation clear in her expression, “So you aren’t angry?”

“Angry?” He leaned down and took her hands, pulling her up to him. His hand gently took her chin and tilted her head back to look at him. “Listen, pet, I am not at all angry! I really think it is wonderful. I’m proud of you for expressing yourself to me.” He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her mouth. “As a matter of fact,” He pulled her close so she could feel the reaction he was having to her. “The thought of you being the Top with another woman is really turning me on.”

She smiled a shy smile, “Really? You mean it?”

“Now how often do you hear me say things I don’t mean?” He said with a smile.

“Well, never, I guess.”

“That’s right. Now, I suppose we should probably try out some of these new toys that you’re wanting to use on her. I think it would probably be best if you had experienced being on the other side of the experience as well, don’t you?”

Her expression was pure lust as she watched him slowly pull the ropes off the wall. She knew that soon she’d be feeling the bite of them around her naked body and imagining what it would be like to tie someone else up in them as well. He turned and smiled, running the ropes across his open palm. She swallowed and felt a flush of hot longing wash over her. She stepped towards him and turned, leaning over her favorite table, placing her hands behind her back so he could start. The ropes kissed her skin as he tied her arms together, taking time to make sure the knots were just right.

(To Be Continued, if you think I should?)

This was my #weekendfreewrite thanks to @mariannewest for the three prompts. You can find the first prompt here.

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