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Custom Domain, Baby! (& a Question for You!)

I’m sorry I’ve been out of the game for a bit. I was desperate to get the whole website thing done before school started again. I’m glad I did, because it took longer than I thought it would! Between that, getting ready for my schedule to change again AND editing/formatting my next ebooks, it has been crazy making!

I’ve taken the first step to self publishing. Something that I thought was going to be fairly simple (I mean, I have set up a blog/web site before) but I was mistaken.


From everything I’ve read, STEP ONE: Set up a website and start collecting emails (so that you can find ‘your audience’ and have a way to let them know that you have books about to be released).

All righty then, NO PROBLEM!

After much stress, a huge learning curve and pulling out my hair, I think (Hope!) that I have accomplished this properly enough to say “I DID IT!” I now have my blog transferred over to my custom domain name bianallwright.com!!! So many things change when you take YEARS between doing projects like this!

I am still deciding on opening with a static page (that would have the options of categories (Erotica, Romance, Kinky Stuff + My publishing journey, behind the scenes stuff) or to just have the most recent posts show up and have the categories in the menu or side bar. BUT, I did get it set up AND it looks even better on mobile!


I also tried (and failed) to set up a newsletter signup form. It is apparently beyond my capabilities today. I’ll have to try that again tomorrow or when one of my techie friends is over. I can’t believe how damn difficult some of these tasks were for me! I was beginning to feel like a colossal idiot. I got a sign up banner across the top thanks to a plugin, but I can not for the life of me figure out the pop-up form.

So I’m crossing my fingers, BUT I believe I got things accomplished here. Now, we’ll see if the steempress plugin is going to work for me and crosspost to steemit.

Big Question:

When I DO get the email newsletter sign up thing figured out, what would make you  want to subscribe? Anything? An audio version of one of my stories? A free story not available elsewhere? Something else I haven’t thought of? How much of an incentive do you want/need/expect?


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