Take Me (NSFW)


Feeling the need for something short, hard and fast tonight

You come home after work and I am sitting at the computer, writing as always. Trying to finish something up or edit one last thing before we sit on the couch and chat or cuddle and watch something or whatever.

This time you come bursting through the door like you just can’t wait to tell me some exciting news.

Your eyes light up when you see me and I kind of frown. “What is it?” I ask.

You can’t wait another second so you take the steps that bring you up against my chair. Turning me, you hands are already on my head, your mouth crushing onto mine. Passion flowing, sliding through me as my body picks up on your urgency. You know I’ve been writing and thinking sexy stories all day because I told you earlier.

I guess my teasing paid off today.

With one arm going around my waist, you pull me up from the chair, your mouth never leaving mine. Your hands nearly frantic as you pull the shirt over my head, tossing it to the floor. My bra comes off next and your mouth moves from mine to cover first one breast and then the other.

My hands clutch your head closer to me, moans escape my mouth as you ravage me with your tongue. Sucking, pulling at my nipples as your hands slide my pants and my underwear together down past my thighs.

I somehow find the breath to beg, “Take me!”

You turn me around and I find myself leaning over the edge of the bed, your hard cock deep inside me with no warning at all.

I’ve been so hot, so ready and waiting for you all day, that is all it takes for me to scream out with the pleasure, the intensity of it is all too much as the first orgasm rockets through me. My hands clutch at the blankets as I feel my body pulsing around you, my pants still down around my ankles. I can feel the denim of your jeans, your zipper because you didn’t even take the time to pull your pants down anymore than you absolutely had to.

I feel so fucking turned on, my heart racing, your cock pounding into me, bringing me closer and closer.

Suddenly you pull away, turning me over and pulling me to you for another short kiss before kicking your jeans off and pulling the pants from my legs. I put my legs on your shoulders and you push me back on the bed, just far enough so that you can kneel between my thighs.

Pulling my hips up just enough, you slide deep inside of me again, your fingers caressing me taking me over the edge yet again as your mouth once again finds mine.

It’s slower this time, a sensual dance as our bodies thrust together, my hips coming up to meet yours our eyes locked on each other. Your hands start to explore again, your touch lighting me up, making me want more.

I wrap my legs around your waist, pulling you deeper, harder, faster. I can tell you’re near the end and with one final thrust, you groan in ecstasy, collapsing against me, kissing my neck before saying, “That was amazing.”

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