(Erotica) Join me For a Shower?

43-coverA bath is nice when I’m alone, I believe I’ve written about being at home with a nice bubble bath before.

However, when it comes time to bathe and you’re here with me, I much prefer a shower. I love a nice long soak in the bath when you’re working or busy and I have some down time to read. But oh, when you are here? A shower is the way to go.

I suppose I should say that the life of an erotica writer makes for some interesting intimacy issues. My senses are so heightened whenever you touch me. I’m so much more present and I notice how your every touch, every glance makes me feel. I have to make sure I’m present for the actual experience instead of wondering what words I would use to describe it. At the same time, like I said, I feel like I’m so much more present than I used to be. That is definitely a good thing.

Like last night. Maybe you remember?

You hopped in the shower last night and it was obvious that we were both in a bit of a teasing mood, because when you opened the shower door and made that appreciative sound, I said, “So, you think you can just waltz in here whenever you want?”

And with that, you stepped into the shower with me and said in that fucking amazingly sexy voice, “Well, yeah. I thought that we’d agreed to try to save water. Two showers at once is economical, right?” That glint in your eye just made me smile. God I love it when you’re in this mood, sexy, teasing and hot.

I’d already soaped up by the time I realized you were joining me, but you seemed to think I missed some spots. Pulling me close, your soapy slick hands slick, sliding down my back, taking my ass in your hands and pulling me close against you. Letting me know without a doubt that it wasn’t ALL teasing.

I slipped my hands under your arms and grabbed your shoulders as you slid your fingers down the crack of my ass, slippery soap, finding your way to your favorite spot.

That sexy sound that you make in my ear as your hands explore my body makes me want to melt right there in your arms. The hot water spraying down on us, the wet, the sweet feel of our naked bodies touching, pressing, moving against each other. The texture of the hair on your chest against the smoothness of mine, access to your arms, your shoulders, your ass, your cock.

Being able to make you groan with the pleasure of my touch makes me want you even more. We’re both hot, wet and ready to finish this shower off right as I turn, my ass pressing against you as you grip my hips and slide inside. You feel so damn good inside me. My hands on the still cool tile, our bodies slapping against each other as the water sprays down on us. Your fingers digging into my hips as you reach the end makes me even hotter.

I love how your knees practically buckle as you pull me back towards you, spent. Done. Wanting just to hold me close as the water starts to cool and our breathing goes back to normal.

Glorious fucking shower times.

Yeah, how about a shower instead of a bath? That sounds like just the thing.



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