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Naughty Girl (NSFW)

naughtygirl-3068373_1920READER DISCRETION ADVISED: Adult themes: BDSM Bondage Spanking/Punishment

Her: Hey, how’s it going?
Him: Not bad. I’m going to be home early tonight. You up for some fun?
Her: Well, Ummm. About that.
Him: Yes?
Her: You know that one thing you asked me not to do without permission?
Him: Yes.
Her: Well
Him: I’m waiting.
Her: I just wasn’t thinking. I was so hot and bothered and I just did it. Without thinking.
Him: Didn’t we agree that you wouldn’t do that?
Her: Yes Sir.
Him: And what did you agree would be the punishment if you went against my wishes?
Her: Anything you choose.
Him: Anything at all?
Her: Yes.
Him: Well, then. I’ll be home in two hours. Be prepared to have a bit of a wakeup call when I get home.
Her: Yes Sir.

Beth was a nervous wreck. She already felt awful for the slight disobedience that afternoon. ‘At least I admitted it!’ she thought. Feeling just a little bit guilty. ‘I sound like a spoiled brat.’ She thought. The next hour passed like it was an entire lifetime. She cleaned the kitchen and wondered how He would punish her. She knew he was disappointed in her. This was the one thing He’d asked her to save for him and she’d just grown far too impatient.


She raced to her phone.

Him: I want you naked, face down on the bed at 6:00pm when I walk through the door. I want your hands on the bed above you, ready for cuffs. I want you to put your blindfold on and have your ass high in the air to greet me. Understood?
Her: Yes, Sir.

She swallowed hard when she saw that message. Her body started a low hum as she thought about being naked in front of him. Restrained with her ass in the air. Surely he wouldn’t be able to resist fucking her. She moaned at the thought of his cock sliding inside of her. Maybe she’d get a bit of a spanking first, but he was never too hard on her. Surely He wouldn’t be too upset about the fact that she had one little orgasm without Him.

She had a bath and shaved, slathering her entire body with lotion afterwards because she knew he loved to feel her soft smooth skin.

Making sure that the restraints were in the drawer with the toys and the flogger, she laid face down on the bed precisely at 5:59 pm. She heard the door open like clockwork one minute later. She pushed her hips back, her ass high in the air, her face and chest resting on the bed.

‘Where is he?’ she thought a few minutes later. She could hear Him in the kitchen, getting a drink or food or something. She groaned and let her ass sink down on her feet. He was just tormenting her now. She realized that he could walk in at any time now and lifted her ass back up in the air. Still, nothing.

Beth started to feel frustrated. Her pussy was still throbbing with a deep ache after picturing him inside of her for the last two hours. The orgasm this afternoon had only managed to make her feel more frustrated, more anxious and desperately needy. She whimpered a little bit to herself.

It felt like it had been an hour. Surely it hadn’t been that long, but her legs were hurting. She lowered her ass back down until it was resting on her feet.

The second her ass touched down, she heard His voice right beside the bed. ‘What the hell? Had He been standing there all this time?’ She groaned.

“I thought,” He paused. “I thought I told you to wait for me with your ass in the air.”

“You did, Sir. I’m sorry!” She turned her head towards his voice, the blindfold completely blocking her vision.

“Well, I guess you aren’t that sorry if you already disobeyed me again.” She heard him kick off his shoes. She stuck her ass high in the air. “That’s better. Now, stay there while I got get the new toy I bought today.

Her pulse sped up. A new toy? He must not be too angry with her if he bought a new toy! She heard him leave the room and then return. She felt him kneel on the bed and put the cuffs around her wrists, cuffing her to the headboard. The throbbing between her legs increased. She couldn’t wait for him to use this new toy on her. She moaned at the very thought of it.

“Oh, you’re happy about the new toy, are you?” He asked. Beth nodded and then shivered when she heard the rattle of a plastic bag. A box was being opened and then there was an odd whistling sound.

“Sir?” She asked.

“Yes, my love? Are you ready for your punishment? I bought some new toys on my way home and the first one is for discipline.”

“Oh,” Beth swallowed hard. She had been prepared for the flogger. She knew what to expect from that. “Yes, sir.” She held herself tense, waiting for the punishment to begin.

His hand touched her and she flinched. “Now love, don’t tense up. You know that makes it hurt more.” She relaxed under his caress after a bit. She pushed into his hand, wanting more. “That’s better. Now, you are going to get ten strokes for your disobedience today. Then I am going to let you play with your new fun toy, but you may not orgasm. Do you understand?”

Beth tried not to react. No orgasm? When he was playing with her? That would be torture! Still, she knew it was part of the discipline. She nodded as she replied, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl,” He said, pain shooting suddenly across her ass before she could even think. He whipped her with his new toy three times without even the slightest hesitation. She screamed out, her body trying to escape the pain, her body bucking. “Oh, well that makes a nice, red mark. I like it.” She felt his fingers run along her skin until they came to the welts he’d just made. It felt like her ass was on fire. “You moved far too much, though. I’m going to have to restrain you a little better.

Beth felt his hands on her ankles as he wrapped a cuff around each one. Pulling her ankles slightly to the side, she felt him affixing them to the spread bar he loved. That allowed him to keep her legs spread, while she was still on her knees. She heard him moan. Just the sound of that took her mind off the pain and send waves of heat through her body. She wanted him so bad.

His hand trailed across her ass once again and then suddenly his fingers dipped between her legs. “You are so wet already, love. You must be ready for more.”

“No!” She cried, just as the next few strikes came without warning. Once again, he gave her three strikes without pausing. She buried her face into the blanket, but she couldn’t hide her screams completely. ‘Dear lord,’ she thought, ‘that fucking hurt!’ Gritting her teeth, she waited for the rest of her punishment. He’d said ten. She had four more.

His hands were on her ass again. She couldn’t tell if it was soothing or just more pain as his fingers skimmed over the newly formed welts on her ass, leaving her feeling raw. He pressed one hand on her ass as the fingers from his free hand delved deep into her soaking wet slit. He made an appreciative sound and worked his magic until she was writhing and moaning. “You feel very nice, love. I wish I could give you an orgasm. I really wish you had obeyed me.” His fingers brought her closer to the edge and she cried out, desperate and wanting. He pulled his fingers away.

The next strike was brutal. Coming down on the already sore flesh was so much more painful than the first strikes. She cried out again, panting with deep breaths until she calmed back down. The second her breathing got back to normal, another strike hit her ass. She jumped, screaming into the mattress again.

His hand on her ass yet again, soothing her. Once again, she started to calm. Her breathing slowed and she got lost in the feel of his hand on her thigh, sliding up until it was almost there. She leaned into his hand and the nest strike came
down. She jerked away and screamed once more. Tears flowed into the blanket under her. His hands kept to their path, sliding once again between her thighs, bringing her so much pleasure, so close to “THWACK!” The last strike her her and she heard the toy clatter to the floor. She sobbed into the bed, her ass feeling like it was literally burning.

She felt him get up on the bed between her spread legs. His hands ran up each side of her inner thighs, coming to rest at the juncture between her thighs. She gasped as he teased her, letting his fingers explore without actually entering her.

“Please, Sir!” She cried. Her body was so alight with feeling, every nerve ending on edge, ready to receive… pain, pleasure. She wasn’t sure she even cared anymore.

“Please what?”

“Please.” She gasped out through the pain, through the throbbing ache of need, “Please, do whatever you want. Just do anything. Please.” Her voice ended with a whisper. “Please.”

His fingers slid into her, nice and deep. He moaned and she felt it to the core of her being. “I love how you feel.” He said. She felt him shift and heard his belt his the floor, followed by his pants. He climbed back on the bed and she felt him position himself between her legs.

He thrust into her without any preamble, all the way. She groaned from the pressure of it, but it was all pleasure this time.

He started moving, in and out, slowly building the intensity. She was pushing her hips to meet his. She loved the feel of having him inside of her. He started thrusting faster, pounding harder. She was crying out, coming so close. Then he stopped. Holding still, deep inside of her. “Remember love, you don’t get to come this time. It’s my turn.” She held still, not believing that he would actually deny her an orgasm. He loved it when she came for him.

Disappointment flooded her. She must have really upset him by breaking her word today. She felt him start moving once again, sliding in and out, her wetness making it so slick. She moaned, but held herself back. She could feel that he was getting closer. His hands gripped her waist as he pulled her back against his cock over and over, faster, harder until she felt him thrust deep one last time. She could feel him pulsing deep inside. And she moaned into the bed, tears falling from her eyes at the intensity of what she was feeling.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” She said.

His voice came close to her face, “I know, love. I can see that. Thank you for obeying me, and for that, I’m going to let you play with the other new toy I bought tonight. Are you ready for your next surprise?”


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