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She was my beautiful wildflower, she couldn’t be tamed by me or anyone else. I felt more free simply by being around her, she made it seem as if anything was possible and somehow she made me feel more comfortable in my skin.

When we were together, everything was good, there was a sense of peace that filled the air like it emanated from her very presence.

The first time we made love, it was like a dream. We had just come from a walk in the woods and I had plucked a flower to put in her hair. She’d smiled at me then, not a shy smile, but one full of promise as she grabbed my hand and led me back to her place.

She lived in a small little house on the edge of the field. A simple place really, she didn’t seem to need much. The whole place was no bigger than a one bedroom apartment, filled with vibrant color and soothing vibes. She brought me inside and sat me on a chair, dancing before me to the music in her soul.

Her body swayed to and fro, her eyes rarely leaving mine as she slipped out of her flowing summer dress, letting it fall to her feet. Her body was all sweet flesh, bared before me and she beckoned me with her hands, bringing me to her, pulling my shirt off over my head. My shorts hit the floor soon thereafter and my hands worshiped her bare skin.

I memorized the feel of her, the curves, the angles. The places where the flesh was soft and full, the places where I could feel her hip bones through the soft skin that covered them. Her body never stopped moving, undulating beneath my touch, drawing me in, making me feel bolder in my movements.

It was as natural as the breeze blowing through the trees. Touching her was like creating a work of art and feeling it come to life under my hands. I poured myself into her and she accepted me, mind body and soul, pulling me deeper, her cries of passion echoing through the very depths of my being.

It was like heaven that day, our bodies entangled, feeling nothing except each other, pure unadulterated lust tinged by the hint of love as our spirits connected in that little cabin on that utterly perfect day.

I don’t know if she will ever bless me with her presence again, but I will keep those memories tight against my heart.

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