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Watching Josie


Although this is a stand alone story, you can read more about Josie and her delectable body in Teacher’s Pet


It was later that day when I noticed Josie leaning up against Scott in the hallway. She had apparently gotten herself all worked up over Mr. Randall, but he wasn’t buying what she was selling. At least not yet. I watched from my locker, my books in hand, ready to go, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave for class yet.

Scott was the typical jock, but somehow managed to not be a complete asshole like most of the guys. I’d had my eye on him for years, but of course he isn’t going to notice a mousy skinny girl like me. My eyes devoured him as I watched Josie rub up against him, her hand sneaking around his back, sliding down and cupping his ass. She pressed her crotch against his thigh and I could see that he was really enjoying the spectacle she was making.

She rose up on her toes, whispering something in his ear that made him turn a nice shade of pink. He grabbed her hand, threw his books back in his locker and they took off.

I hesitated for a hot minute before I decided to say ‘fuck it’ to my responsible side and followed them instead.

They made their way to an empty classroom that was being used for storage. I followed behind, silently as I could until I saw that they were tucking themselves back into the far corner. I made my way around from the other direction until I found myself hiding behind a row of shelves. I peeked between two of the pieces of large furniture and thanked my lucky stars. There they were, just a few feet away, with a beam of light peeking through from a high window.

Scott’s hands were already sliding up her thighs, a groan escaping his mouth. Josie laughed and turned away as if she was going to leave. Scott grabbed her by the waist and bent her over, admiring the same view we’d all had earlier in gym class. She was like a banquet, the food laid out on the table and I couldn’t wait to see him devour the feast while I watched. Josie wiggled her ass, but stayed bent over, leaning on a stack of boxes as his hands started at her knees, spreading them even wider before sliding them up to her crotch.

I swallowed, willing myself to stay as still as I could, yet my hand was already sliding up under my shirt, my fingers teasing at my own nipples. I held my breath as I watched him slide her panties to the side and heard his zipper rasp at the same time.

His finger dipped inside of her and he moaned again, sliding another finger inside of her, his other hand caressing that perfect ass. My eyes were wide, staring, taking it all in.

He positioned her hips in front of him and thrust his surprisingly huge cock into her. It was apparently a tight fit because she cried out and it took him a bit to get in deeper. He was grunting with the effort, sliding out and then in just a little deeper with each thrust. Josie was making achingly pleasurable sounds that nearly sent me over the edge. I reached up under my own skirt, my fingers soaked with my own wetness in just a heartbeat.

He finally managed to bury himself all the way inside her and it was obviously an incredibly intense sensation for them both. He held steady for a moment, I suppose he was letting her body adjust to him.

“FUCK ME” Josie whispered, her voice hoarse with need. Scott grabbed her hips, his strong hands digging into the perfection of her, sliding nearly all the way out before ramming hard into her. She nearly screamed out, her hand coming up, covering her own mouth as he thrust hard and deep over and over.

I was mesmerized, my hand working my clit, sliding in and out, spreading my own slickness, watching, imagining his cock in me instead. I bit back a groan, nearly drawing blood as I clenched my teeth, trying to stay silent.

Suddenly Josie started making this little mewling, gasping cries and that sent me over the edge. I could barely hold myself up as my own orgasm shook me, making my legs weak as I watched her body shudder with her release. Scott choked out a cry as he buried himself deep and stopped moving. He was panting and groaning as he flooded her body.

I realized the show was over and silently backed away, adjusting my clothes as I tiptoed out of the classroom before they could find me there. I nearly ran to my classroom, making up some excuse for being late as I ran. I was sure the teacher would believe me, I probably looked flushed and somewhat out of sorts anyway. Hell, even if I got in trouble, it was so worth it.


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