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Teacher’s Pet

reader-discretion-advised.pngI heard it through the grapevine, so it has to be true.

I heard that our new gym teacher is the type who likes younger girls. He’s the head basketball coach and he is hot as fuck. All the girls are fighting to get a chance with him and they’re working their game so hard, even if he wasn’t already interested, it’ll be hard for him to stay away now.

Josie is the hottest girl on the team. If anyone can get his attention, it’ll be her. Today she was so beyond blatant in her come ons, I think half of the guys in class were hiding their own erections by the time class was half over.

First off, Josie has the longest legs I’ve ever seen (I suppose that’s why she’s on the basketball team), topped by the roundest, perkiest ass that could possibly exist. It’s not fat, either, it’s all firm muscle, shaped into globes of taut, glorious flesh covered sweetness. She wears these little ‘catholic school girl skirts’ all the damn time and she likes to hike them up once we’re in Mr. Randall’s class.

I think he’s onto her, but that doesn’t stop him from calling her to the front of the room. She sashays her way to the board and then invariably drops the chalk, requiring her to lean way over, her legs straight, her ass peeking out under the edge of her skirt. She is such a fucking amazing sight, even the straight girls and the gay guys can’t help but look and appreciate the flawless vision when she bends over.

Today she seemed to take it one step further. She faced Mr. Randall and bent over, keeping her legs spread indecently wide. This was a whole new level of teasing, showing him and all of us the fact that she was wearing the skimpiest, barely there thong that ever existed. There was an audible intake of breath as the entire class simultaneously gasped at the sight before us, her sex, barely contained beneath the sheer fabric of the panties that were clinging to her body.

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