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My First Time: The Threesome


***Explicit Erotica***


We went to a place with years of tradition, a place that was fairly familiar to us both. There were statues with nude women, their bodies twined together and no men in sight. It wasn’t a new thing we were doing, but it hadn’t been the original plan for the night.

Tonight we were trying our first threesome and the guy was suddenly nervous. My best friend and I were used to fooling around a bit, especially after a few drinks, so this was nothing scary to us. Apparently he was having a bit of performance anxiety or something. We needed to get him revved back up, so to speak, so Erica and I just managed to come to an agreement without speaking. We let him off the hook for a little bit, took away all expectations and turned to each other.

I loved Erica’s long hair. It felt like silk as I ran my fingers through it. I felt her hand go around my waist and pull my in for a kiss just as I reached to untie the silky robe she was wearing.

The robe fell to the ground with a bare whisper of sound. The kiss of the fabric against my hands as it slid past her hips made me shiver. I pressed her back onto the bed and she let herself fall, her hair fanning out around her head like some sort of angelic halo.

I smiled at her with a secret kind of smile as my hands went to her thighs. She let her legs fall open as I untied my own covering, letting it join hers on the floor.

We both heard Joe moan as I knelt on the floor before her spread legs and I knew he would soon be back in the game.

The bed was at the perfect height as I sank to my knees before the gorgeous offering before. Erica turned me on like no other woman did. She was perfection.

Erica and I had sat around with him having our drinks and casually flirting, trying to get the mood right, but Joe had just seemed to get more nervous the more we tried. That’s how we ended up in the bedroom just going for it. It seemed like Joe would be much more amenable to just going for it.

As it was, Erica and I were just going to enjoy ourselves regardless. I slid my hands up from her ankles to the soft skin or her inner thighs, my fingers absorbing the silky feel of her skin as she shivered and moaned from my touch.

I leaned over and kissed the sensitive flesh of her thigh, running my tongue so close to that sweet spot that I heard her gasp, or maybe it was Joe. I could tell he’d moved closer because I could feel him nearly leaning up against me.

I rose up higher on my knees and spread Erica’s thighs just a touch wider so he would be able to have a better view. He cleared his throat and swallowed hard as I flicked my tongue along her other thigh, coming oh so close. I could smell the scent of sex coming off of her. She was so hot, my fingers wanted a touch as much as my mouth wanted a taste.

I ran my finger down the slit between her thighs, barely touching her, yet my fingers felt the slick wetness from her body.

I heard Joe’s sharp intake of breath and I slid my fingers inside of her, making sure to move my head so that he got a good view of the action.

I flicked my tongue out and let it lick just above her clit as I pressed two fingers deep inside of her. I could see her thighs flex against the tension coiling inside of her. Joe was nearly panting and I wondered why he hadn’t joined in. He was waiting for something, but what the hell for?

I got to my feet, my fingers still inside of Erica, her legs spread wide. I leaned over her, my naked ass at the level of the bed as I leaned down to take her nipple in my mouth. She cried out, grabbing my head and pulling me even closer. My fingers worked on her still, in and out as I teased and tormented her nipple with my teeth and tongue.

I finally heard the sound of a zipper quickly followed by the sound of his jeans hitting the floor. I pretty much immediately felt the head of his cock pressing against my pussy, my wetness nearly pulling him in.

I moaned into Erica’s breast, taking her deeper into my mouth as I pressed back against Joe. Finally, the threesome was off to a solid start.


I’ve been working on a series of ebooks to publish called “My First Time” with a few stand alone, short stories/scenes around 5,000 words each. I’ll offer the first two or three on amazon as 99 cent reads, then combine all 4-5 together as a $3.99 set. This is a teaser/beginning of one of the stories I’ll be working into a 5k word ebook.

If you aren’t aware, publishing on kindle means that you can only get 30% for books that sell for less than $2.99. Once you hit the $2.99 mark, you can earn 70% of the sales… so that is my goal, to hit $2.99 or more as soon as possible!

I hope that the short stories will help people get familiar with my writing style before I finish up and release my full out novel length story that has a lot more plot, character depth AND lots of sexy times. I’m excited to see how things go. Maybe some day I can make enough money to quit the day job and just keep exploring new stories instead!

Wish me luck!


You can read my first 99 cent ebook My First Time: Sex Club Voyeur here if you’re interested.

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