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In the Bedroom (Soul Mate, Part 3)

inthebedroom-coverSexy Things are happening today!

The butterflies in my stomach took off as we neared the hotel. Of course I’d insisted on waiting until our wedding night before we consumated things. That wasn’t terribly difficult, of course, when we’d only ha

d to wait 48 hours.
You put the car in park and I felt a heat wash over me as your eyes met mine, my excitement and nerves feeling somewhat overwhelming. Your grin lit up your face and you waggled your eyebrows at me, easing the tension with your humor once again.
Jumping out of the car, you opened my door and scooped me up in your arms, heading for the door to our suite, carrying me over the threshold and into our new life together.

We had eaten a meal together, the excitement of the night ahead was palpable. I was nervous and full of anticipation. My eyes focused way too much on the ornate vase that held the flowers I’d carried just a few hours earlier. You cleared your throat until I looked up.

Our eyes seemed to burn hot every time they met across the table. Your hand touched mine as we both reached for another roll and I felt the spark travel up my arm, sending goosebumps down my spine.

The core of my body was boiling over with wanting you, liquid heat seemed to be pooling between my legs, longing for your touch, for the release that I knew would come.

I wasn’t completely inexperienced. We’d both been in long term relationships before, but I think you and I both knew that this would be different. Just as our first meeting had been full of an energy we couldn’t stop, when we made love for the first time, it was going to be something totally new and unexpected.

When the meal was over, you stood up and came to me, holding out your hand you helped me up from my seat. Your breath stroked my cheek as you kissed my neck, trailed your tongue along the edge of my ear. My breath caught and I could feel my heart racing. Just the touch of your tongue was making me ache to have you.

I wrapped my arms around your neck and felt your hands reach behind me, unzipping my dress in one smooth motion.

Your fingers caressed my now naked skin, tantalizing every inch with the magic of your touch. The air hit me as you slid your fingers under the straps of my dress and it all skimmed down over my skin, past my hips and pooled at my feet.

Stepping back, you looked at me, your eyes even more heated than before. I felt your eyes travel down my body, taking in my breasts, my nipples tightening at the strength of your gaze, dipping lower until I felt slightly embarrassed to be standing here so naked and vulnerable and yet somehow it felt all too right.

You reached out your hand and pulled me close, my hands going to unbutton your shirt as you buried your face in my hair, “I can’t wait to taste you,” Your voice was like sex itself, low, raspy and deep with need. Your hands came up to my shoulders, sliding down the soft skin of my arms, trailed by such an intense shudder of wanting that I almost laughed.

My fingers shook as I undid the last of your buttons and slid the shirt off of your shoulders. You were beautiful. My hands slid through the surprisingly soft springy hair on your chest, quickly working their way down to unbutton your pants that came off with ease.

Soon we were standing there, naked, wanting, desperate for more and yet seemingly time stood still. “I can’t believe you’re mine,” I whispered, reaching my hand out to your chest once again.

Gathering me in your arms, you said, “And I can’t believe that you are mine,” Our mouths met, our bodies pressed hard against each other, melding into one wild need. My fingers scratched at your back, needing you closer still.

You hands slid down my hips, gathering me up and pulling me against your hardness. Lifting me, You carried me to the bed, my legs automatically wrapping around you, wanting more.

The sensation of falling only heightened the vibrations coursing through my body as you lowered me to the bed. I could feel you pressing against me, your fingers searching between my legs, wetness making the way easier for you.

My hands reached out to you as I cried out, “Please, now” and that’s all I could say, the need was so overwhelming.

When you finally plunged inside of me, so deep, so full, we both stopped. Staring into each other’s eyes the connection was so real, it felt like a physical tie bound us together. You lowered yourself on top of me and pulled out nearly all the way before thrusting deep inside once again, your mouth capturing my own as we made passionate love on that hotel bed.

I came so close to the edge, feeling things I had never experienced and then your fingers found me again. Taking me beyond the edge of pleasure to feel the pulsing waves of my own orgasm shaking me to the core. You groaned as you felt my body clenching around yours, holding so still as I found my release. As the sensation started to taper off, you thrust deep into me again and again, bringing us both to release together.

Our bodies covered with a sheen of sweat, shaking from the intensity of our love making, you fell onto the bed beside me, your hand pulling my mouth to yours. The sweetest kiss on my lips and you looked into my eyes and said, “I love you, wife.”

My heart just melted and I curled up to you, my husband, the love of my life.

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