The Phone Call

I licked my lips and moaned, “Oh yeah, that sounds really hot, baby. I wish I could touch you and wrap my arms around you. I want to feel your body pressed so close to mine that I can feel your heartbeat. Mmmmmmm” “I want that too. What are you wearing?” he asked, his anticipation … Continue reading The Phone Call

Basil & Herb

So back when I first graduated from college, I moved in with these two brothers for a time. Their dad was a Chef and their mother was a hippie type who loved her garden. She had a greenhouse she’d build out of windows from abandoned houses and shelving from reclaimed wood. It actually looked pretty … Continue reading Basil & Herb

(Erotica) Got Wood?

Today’s freewrite prompt is “wood,” which of course makes me think of middle school and boys talking about ‘getting wood’ or ‘woodies’ and then we’d all giggle and laugh about the silly boys. I gotta say, though, at this point in life, I think of the feel of your erection in your jeans. When we’re … Continue reading (Erotica) Got Wood?