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I Do: Soul Mate (Part Two)

Pixabay   Today's freewrite was a three prompt weekend freewrite thanks to @mariannewest and I managed to carry on the story from yesterday with a whirlwind wedding and a gassy preacher 🙂 I had barely stepped out of the church when I felt the first drop on my head. I looked up at the dark clouds overhead and yet… Continue reading I Do: Soul Mate (Part Two)

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The Path Not Taken (Alternative Lives, Part 2)

Reader Discretion Advised: Adult Themes, Sex   This story idea came to me when I was reading about people's life choices and the choices they made that changed their lives completely. It made me wonder what would happen if a person could go back and see how their life might be different if they had… Continue reading The Path Not Taken (Alternative Lives, Part 2)